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Wonderful book to help parents assist their children

Taking Care of Me & You

“From being born, all children feel all types of emotions. They know pain, sadness, happiness, fear and frustration. Emotions tell them how they feel about different situations over which they have no control, but the emotions are there to tell them how they are feeling so that they can make a response by taking an action, and learning which actions work for them, i.e crying when they are hungry, they are able to make their needs known.

Throughout childhood although children will continue to feel these emotions, they will not always know what to do about them. The family culture and peer pressure begin to have their effect. Children will tend to go out of their way to please those around them and tend to suppress their own real feelings, leading to unhappiness and sometimes behavioural difficulties.

I found this to be a wonderful book to help parents assist their children in dealing with their emotions. The child friendly affirmations are easy for them to understand and are very effective.

Each chapter is short and reader friendly, and achieves the same results every single time: a calm and happy child.
It is easy to choose a section to fit in with your child’s state of mind. Whether they are anxious, upset, worried or simply a bit low, there is something for every situation, and care givers are able to open up a discussion with the child around the particular text chosen.
This validates the childs experience, and let’s them know that you are “on their side” i.e. that they are loved.

I am sure this book will help many children and enable their care givers to help them with their childhood experiences of emotions. They will also learn the value of what emotions are telling us about our experience of life and the responses we are able to make that are best for our happiness and wellbeing throughout “growing up” and into our life.”

Angela Sterling School Teacher
Founder of “Lingotot”

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